A dark purple theme for DuckDuckGo and many other apps
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  • Before installation, you can try this DuckDuckGo theme here;
  1. To save the theme, go to https://duckduckgo.com/;
  2. Open the browser devtools (Ctrl+Shift+I in most browsers);
  3. Paste the following snippet on the console tab;
    var wildberries = [ "7=19002e", "8=c79bff", "9=ff0e82", "ae=t", "t=p", "s=m", "w=n", "m=l", "o=s", "j=900048", "a=p", "aa=c79bff", "u=-1", "x=00ffb7", "y=44475a", "af=1", "ai=1", "f=1", ]; for (var i = 0; i < wildberries.length; i++) document.cookie = wildberries[i]; alert("Appearance settings have successfully been updated!"); location.reload();
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